the famous


Delivery and quality. Pure materials and passion.
Unchanged values, secrets that make up the recipe of the famous profiterole that has become the favorite of the city.
For 44 years, the special taste accompanies and sweetens our beautiful moments!

Andrias confectionery
has been active in the field of confectionery since 1972!



With respect, he used ancestral recipes with pure ingredients, created a rich variety of desserts, giving them a special and distinct taste, and managed to conquer his sweet tooth friends, so that everyone they talk about “Andria’s profiteroles”!

andria’s profiterol


Very nice sweets. Excellent profiterole. We were impressed by the fact that it was the time we were waiting for it to be made for us and this resulted in it being brand new. Spotlessly clean space and kind staff. By far the best profiteroles in Athens, not to mention Greece…!!!!
Panos Κats
The best profiteroles in town by far. I haven’t tried anything else from Andrias, but I’ve heard the best. During holidays, it really gets crowded outside, queues, which means that this particular pastry shop is one of the best in Athens. We will definitely try more.
Nick N.
The best profiteroles in Athens for years! Kudos to you for keeping the quality high even today.
Thanos B

Wonderful sweets that you can’t stop eating, it’s no coincidence that they have a name!!! I highly recommend Profiteroles and his cakes!!!

Katerina Papadogamvrou
The best profiterole in Athens and not only… all the sweet specials!! Perfect staff and congratulations to Mrs. Aleka!!!
Maro Grammatikopoulou
Personally, here we have the best profiterol in the basin. His chocolate is dreamy and hasn’t changed in 15 years now. For real chocolate lovers.
Petros Niklpls