andria pastry shop

SINCE 1972

The founder is Grigoris Andrias who, with his talent, passion, knowledge and experience, established the name “ANDRIAS” synonymous with quality. A few years ago, his son, Dimitris Andrias, took over the company, who deservedly followed in his father’s footsteps.

With respect, he used ancestral recipes with pure ingredients, created a rich variety of desserts, giving them a special and distinct taste, and managed to conquer his sweet tooth friends, so that everyone they talk about “Andria’s profiteroles”!

With the unbeatable quality, the flawless and fast service, the fantastic and original designs on the cakes, the wonderful and famous profiteroles, Andrias has only friends – customers! To whom he offers the best.



In the pastry shop ”ANDRIAS” you will find profiteroles cake, profiteroles ice cream cake, individual profiteroles and profiteroles ice cream. In addition, we offer a wide variety of sweets, pastries, treats, chocolates and a variety of drinks.


We create christening profiteroles, birthday cakes and wedding cakes.